The weight of deceit

Layer upon layer

Bending the back of virtue

Dimming the light of truth


Insidious, it smothers hope

Without decency it imperils

Character falls from grace

Until nothing is recognizable


A cancer on the soul


Then, it falters, it withers

Deceit proves no match

for the wisdom of eternity

Slowly, we shed its burden


Truth returns

like a long-lost friend

Are we safe again?

For now, it seems


For now, we breathe

The Great Reckoning

Ushers in a new day

With calm deliverance


Have we learned our lesson?

Can we straighten our backs?

Lift our eyes to the horizon?

To heaven?


Returning to the trail of hope

Like pilgrims with new shoes

Our backpacks full of questions

Our spirits restored


We drink again

From the fountain of community

Fear and anger recede

As deceit dies a lonely death.