Reclaim Yourself

Sign off from social;

put down the screens;

read books made of paper;

hug friends without emojis;

eat slowly, walk slower;

listen to the wind;

stick your nose in a flower;

caress a puppy’s belly;

head toward the light;

find hope in the glimmer;

it’s your time, your life,

and it wants you back;

it needs you now.

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Curating Sweet Peace

November is a transitional month, a between month, a time of animated reflection as the energy of summer has been diluted by autumn, but hasn’t yet yielded to the solemnity of winter. It is a natural time to take stock and, as our American tradition of Thanksgiving holds: to express our gratitude for our many blessings. It allows just enough space in the fading light for contemplation before we wind ourselves up again for year-end […]

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Ode to Trump

The weight of deceit

Layer upon layer

Bending the back of virtue

Dimming the light of truth


Insidious, it smothers hope

Without decency it imperils

Character falls from grace

Until nothing is recognizable


A cancer on the soul


Then, it falters, it withers

Deceit proves no match

for the wisdom of eternity

Slowly, we shed its burden


Truth returns

like a long-lost friend

Are we safe again?

For now, it seems


For now, we breathe

The Great Reckoning

Ushers in a new day

With calm deliverance


Have we learned our lesson?

Can we straighten our backs?

Lift our […]

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Our Huge Opportunity

Last week’s midterm elections held less interest for me than probably any in my adult life. It’s not that they weren’t important in determining the fate of our democracy (which survived) and rights of self-determination, or seemingly urgent issues like inflation, crime, immigration, etc., it’s that none of that matters if we don’t deal with the much larger issue of climate change. Inflation is transient, climate change is existential. This may surprise readers who know […]

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Defeating Extremism with Localism

Watching political campaigns solicit support for the upcoming midterms seems like more of a middle school food fight than adults intent on convincing an electorate they are best suited to serve their interests. Today’s campaigns appear more focused on throwing as much mac ‘n cheese at each other as possible before the vice principal arrives than implementing policies to address critical issues facing Americans. Such is the state of our political discourse, which has been […]

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The Great Reckoning

There have been several so-called “Greats” in American history. Two Great Awakenings that inspired heightened religious fervor through revivals. The first began around 1730 and the second in the early 1800s. Then there was the Great War, later re-named Word War I when the second world war proved the Great War was not great enough to end all wars. And, of course, the Great Depression in the 1930s. That was a doozy. LBJ claimed a […]

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Picking Winners

Curiosity has always served me well, as long as I don’t take it as far the proverbial dead cat. As in “curiosity killed the cat.” I was once asked if I were to get a tattoo what would it be? For me, a simple question mark would suffice.

Today, two questions recur more than others in my mind. Why doesn’t  ____ work anymore in America? And, who will win? The first question has manifested as a […]

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