I know, you know, we all know,

so smart and yet we struggle.

Struggle to know why we struggle so;

struggle much more than we know.


Children find joy in not knowing,

they live in a world full of wonder.

While adults claim holy omniscience

 and then wonder where joy is hiding.


The pursuit of knowledge is noble,

 to bring the world’s issues to heel.

But there are times of knotty tangles

when old knowns are insufficient.


Perhaps we should set our minds aside

and listen to other voices to guide us.

Below the neck; heart and gut?

To be smarter, somehow, someway.


Ignorance is bliss, or so they say;

 is not knowing the key to happiness?

Daring to know presumed unknowns

clears the path to enlightenment.


“I don’t know” is where humility thrives.

“I don’t know” establishes credibility.

“I don’t know” trumps the know-it-all.

“I don’t know” creates new possibilities.


We are taught to answer every question,

though we should be taught to ask more questions.

It’s time to let go of traditional thinking,

and be guided by truth and hope and courage.


Curious and brave, willing to be wrong,

all so we can be right again someday.

To cast our struggles into the wind

carried away by a gust of innovation.


The meek shall not inherit the earth,

 it is the curious to whom it belongs.

They carry the light of innocent ignorance

to wage the new prospects of humanity.


Note to my well-wishers: Tomorrow, I have surgery scheduled at St. Mary’s in Grand Junction, Colorado to rid myself of cancer; hopefully in one step and back home on Friday. It may be a bit before I return to this post as I’ve been told to expect to be knocked down for a while. We shall see. In the meantime, be kind to yourselves and others. Kindness costs nothing.