If wishes came true,

if thoughts and prayers

did more than pander,

I would ask for them

for me and for you.


Instead: mercy.


Forgive us Mother

for we have sinned.


We now know that

“You be you and

I’ll be me” only

produced a bounty

of wounding enmity.


We want to be good

as our mothers taught.

We want to stand tall

when judgement falls.


Grant us strength to

subdue our desires;

to span the space

that foments anger.


To consider, to reflect,

to summon empathy,

to hold the darkness,

with life in repose.


It’s in the fermata

where crescendos begin.

The pause of wisdom

where character thrives.


When mind and soul

are sealed with Nature

there is hope, courage,

and tranquility.


Where will we go,

what will we do,

whom will we hate,

once our hearts are whole?


Hand in hand,

reaching across the void,

in search of compassion,

one heart, one destiny.


Heading into the wind,

toward the light,

we stride past fear,

to save tomorrow.


To meet the sky

and be welcomed home.

To be redeemed

and know what’s right.


When there is no problem,

only peace remains.

Embracing temperance

to be good again.


Oh, to be good again.